Photos of a hit-and-run accident involving street children’s peanut cart go viral

A post by the Facebook page Matalinong Matsing has now gone viral for its heartbreaking photos. The post was about a hit-and-run accident which happened along Sampaloc Street in Sampaguita, right at the border of San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan, and North Caloocan. The photos showed a toppled peanut cart which was manned by some street children who were selling peanuts.

According to the post, a bus from NAIA Transport with the plate number TXP 543 allegedly caused the accident. Instead of stopping to help the kids, however, the bus driver just sped away.

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Netizens could not help but express their anger over the incident, saying the kids were merely trying to earn a decent living by selling peanuts. Thanks to the bus driver, however, their goods were thrown all over the sidewalk and cannot be sold anymore.





Some netizens even tagged the show “Raffy Tulfo in Action” in an attempt to help bring justice to the young peanut vendors.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:













Hit-and-run accidents are, unfortunately, not uncommon in the Philippines. The term hit-and-run refers to the act of “driving away and failing to stop after a vehicular accident”. According to a report by the Philippine Statistics Authority as cited by Rappler, more than 500 children pass away every year due to road-related accidents. Sadly, the total number of lives lost because of these kinds of accidents have been steadily increasing since 2006.

Thankfully, the post did not mention anything about the kids getting hurt.

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According to CNN Philippines, the Philippine National Police (PNP) came up with the following guidelines enumerating what witnesses and victims should do in cases of hit-and-run accidents:

1. Seek medical assistance and move to the sidewalk to stay clear of oncoming traffic.

2. Immediately report the incident to the nearest police station.

3. Write down the identity of all available witnesses, including drivers and pedestrians in the area.

4. If possible, use your mobile phone camera to take photos of the immediate vicinity, including the involved vehicle.

5. Secure all physical evidence from the crime scene that can be used by investigators in determining the identities of those involved.

6. Take note of the following details that will assist investigators in identifying the involved vehicle:

– license plate number
– type
– make
– model
– color
– description of the driver or other occupants of the vehicle
– general direction where the vehicle went after the incident
– any other distinguishing vehicle accessories or markings



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What can you say about this hit-and-run accident involving a bus and the peanut cart of some street children? Comment away!


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