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Leave you breathless: This netizen didn’t know she had water in her lungs

Have you ever felt like it was hard for you to breathe? Like your lungs are contracted and stuck? It’s a feeling similar to drowning, along with a sharp pain in your chest. If you said yes to all that, then this story is definitely for you! Also, go to a doctor for a check-up, seriously.

A netizen posted her story on Facebook two days ago and it will leave you breathless! She said that at first, she thought that her asthma attacks and her colds were because of a sprain that she had. Instead of going to the doctor, she decided to self-medicate.

Here’s the thing though! After a week with her cold going on and off, she started to have problems with her breathing. She also said that it felt like there was water in her throat. The netizen still didn’t see a doctor though. She went to a masseuse but that just helped her out for a day. Finally, she decided to get a checkup.

“Wala akong marinig dito sa kanang baga mo,” said the doctor. She was immediately referred for an X-ray and the look of pity and awe from the nurses said it all. They told her that she needs to be admitted right away. They also said that the doctors will need to put a tube to her lungs to remove the water since her right lung is already in trouble.

First day.

She was taken to the operation room where she was administered with anesthesia. When she woke up, she felt the tube inside her, a liter of water was taken out of her lungs. The doctor said that there’s still some water.

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Second day
She was thought to do a “blow bottle exercise” to relieve herself.

Third day
The tube was adjusted so they can take out the remaining water in her lungs.

Fourth day
Her X-rays and CT SCAN was taken.

(Nothing much happened on the 5th and 6th)

Seventh Day
A lung specialist came in bearing bad news. Apparently, there’s still water inside her and the water solidified because it has been there for a long time. The doctor said that she’ll have to be under medication for two weeks then they’ll see if she’ll need an operation.

The doctor warned her that if they operate on her, there is a possibility that the lung might never expand again.

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Listen to this part and listen to it well. The doctor said that there were lots of reasons for how what happened to the netizen. Getting your sweaty back dried by an electric fan, forgetting to dry your long hair after taking a bath, skipping a meal, and lack of sleep – all of these things can possibly put water inside your lungs.

Here’s the full post:

After her hair-rasing experience, the netizen posted this status as advice for netizens to not follow her example. Follow the doctor and watch your back!

Netizens are hoping for her to get well soon.


Source: Facebook

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