Jessica Soho helps a woman to finally reunite with her family after 50 years

For 14 years, GMA’s Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho has changed the lives of so many people. The show, hosted by the multi-awarded journalist Jessica Soho, has featured countless of inspiring and heart-warming true-to-life stories. And just last week, the show helped one family once more.

Rosita Villarimo wrote to the show, seeking help to find her long-lost family.

When she was at the tender age of eight, Rosita was forcibly taken against her will.


While playing in the fields in Bago, Davao, where she was temporarily staying with her aunt, Rosita was approached by a woman named “Koring”. Koring invited her to go to Manila. Being young and naive, Rosita agreed.

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She and Koring first took a bus to Cagayan de Oro, then a boat Leyte, another boat to Cebu, then Tacloban, until they finally reached Manila.

Upon arriving in Manila, they were greeted by a woman named “Norma“, and a man named “Mr. Bunio“. Rosita recalled that Norma handed Koring money. She was told to stay in Norma and Mr. Bunio’s care until her mother comes and takes her back home to Davao.


That never happened.

Rosita was maltreated by the two for a year. She was tasked to do household chores, and for every mistake she commits, she was immediately punished with violence. The first time she tried to flee, the two caught her and threatened her if she ever tries to escape again.

Rosita couldn’t help but burst into tears as she narrated what she has gone through.

Akala niya hayop ako kung saktan niya… Wala akong magawa kung hindi umiyak ng umiyak,” she said.


But that did not stop her from trying. One day, she successfully escaped and went to woman named “Aling Saling” who helped her. Aling Saling then gave her to a housemaid named “Betty” who took her to Iloilo, where she spent three years working in a farm. She once again went back to Aling Saling.

But the nightmare never stopped. When she was 16 years old, she was violated by an old man whom she was staying with.

When she was 25, she went to Sta. Mesa where Aling Saling was currently living. There she met her childhood friend and now husband, Rodrigo.

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After five decades, Rosita now has a family. But she never stopped longing to be with her family. She also would often blame herself for what happened to her.

Nagagalit ako sa sarili ko, bakit ba ko sumama ako sumama ditto and pumunta sa impyerno na lugar na ito,” she revealed.

Little did she know, Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho‘s team was able to locate her family with the help of Facebook.


And just last Thursday, May 3, they finally reunited.

The team flew her to Davao, and to her surprise, as she knocked on the door, it was her sibling who opened it. The siblings burst into tears as they hugged each other.

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Masayang-masaya kasi nakita ko na sila. Buo na ‘yung pagkatao ko,” she ended.

And although it was a bittersweet ending, because Rosita was no longer able to see her parents who now rests in peace, it was a huge relief that she is now finally home with her family after all the pain, suffering, and hardships she has gone through.


Watch her story below!

Uuwi na si Rosita

Taong 1965, nakidnap ang noo'y walong taong gulang na si Rosita. Mula Davao del Sur, dinala siya sa Maynila, ipinasok na katulong at nakaranas ng pangmamaltrato sa kanyang mga amo. Makalipas ang mahigit 50 taon, tanging hiling ni Rosita, makapiling muli ang kanyang pamilya. Matupad kaya ito? #KMJS

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