Kean admits past relationship with Arci in front of his ‘ex’ Alex

After their rumored relationship, seeing Kean Cipriano and Alex Gonzaga being in the musical game show “I Can See Your Voice” as co-judges makes us think that the two ended in good terms.

And while the pair denied that they ever had a serious relationship with each other, we have always felt that there is really something going on there long ago.


Once again, the rumor about the pair’s romantic tie was unexpectedly raised. This when Kean called Arci Muñoz, the “I Can See Your Voice” guest by her nickname while giving her an advice.

Some of the judges including Wacky Kiray, Angeline Quinto and particularly Alex Gonzaga looked confused with what they heard.


Minutes later, Alex realized that she never heard anyone called the actress by that nickname other than her screen name which she brought up to Kean in jest.

Alex asked:

“Mona, ano ‘yon? Arci ang kilala namin, bakit alam mo yung Mona?” 


Alex then said that she knew Arci’s Mona nickname since they are classmates in 2nd-year high school. She then pointed how can Kean possibly know of this.

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After trying to avoid Alex’s questions, Kean can’t help but reveal the truth, saying:

“Siyempre, ex ko siya!”


His direct answer to Alex had everyone stunned, and judges slue around their chairs with shock and confusion in their faces. Wacky Kiray then asked Kean if he has his own nickname for Alex before.

“Tawag ko sa kanya ‘Cathy’ (Gonzaga’s real name) …sa kanya rin naman nanggaling, hindi naman naging kami, e,” Kean replied.


It might seem shocking because of their previous romantic ties, but Kean and Alex are good friends for a long time. Both are now happy with their respective relationships – Alex with businessman, Mikee Morada and Kean, now happily married to Chynna Ortaleza.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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