Netizen shares his terrible experience in planning a wedding for this couple

Every couple always dreams of an extraordinary wedding celebration, but let’s be realistic, it’s hard to achieve an extravagant wedding if you have a limited budget.

A wedding planner’s is tasked with trying to actualize a couple’s dream nuptials while considering a lot of other factors. However, there will always be that couple who couldn’t seem to appreciate the hard work of their wedding organizer.

Just look at what this particular wedding organizer experienced with the family he recently assisted throughout their wedding.

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He wrote in his Facebook post the name of the family who complained about the wedding. He also mentioned that some of the relatives of the couple insulted their hard work.

In the first place, he said, he only followed what they had agreed on the contract.

Migs wrote:

“Ang ganda nang usapan namin nung una bago, ang kasal we made it to the point na tawad sila ng tawad kaya ang lumabas lang na price is P30,000.”

Migs listed down all the inclusions in the contract – from the catering to the makeup artist for the bride and the other 10 relatives who walked down the aisle.

“I can confidently say na nagawa namin 100 percent ng nasa contract wala na silang masasabi,” Migs mentioned.

Despite of all the effort that Migs and his team expended, he said he didn’t even get any thank you from the couple.

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The wedding organizer’s plight gathered mixed reactions from netizens. You might want to check out the original post and see what’s brewing there.

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Of course, there is always the other side of the coin. We are hoping that the families of the newly-wed couple to reach out and explain their side.


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