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A Movie Mother’s Love: Ai Ai delas Alas celebrates with Jiro manio on his birthday

As we all know, Ai-Ai delas Alas is one of the realest people in showbizness and she’s also one of the most loving. On and off screen, she’s a loving mother who’s always there to show her kids that she cares. The same is true for Jiro Manio. They might not be related by blood but the bond is thick and tight when it comes to these two.

As we all know, Jiro, as a child actor, was one of the most promising at his time. Even until today, any Filipino film buff can tell you how he was a revelation when he played the eponymous character in 2003’s Magnifico or how Jiro Manio made them cry with his role as Jason in 2000’s “Anak”.

Starring as Shammy in the star-studded movie anthology, “Ang Tanging Ina,” his relationship with Ai Ai delas Alas grew.


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Unfortunately, as we all know, Jiro’s life had a dark turn when he became hooked with illegal substances. In 2015, he was found wandering around NAIA and Ai Ai delas Alas tried to help him out. He refused but eventually, Ai Ai and the people who love Jiro managed to get him into rehab.


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Still as loving as ever, Ai Ai delas Alas posted a video of her greeting her “son” for his 26th birthday.

Here’s the post:

Watch the video right here:


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In her video, she captioned in her post that her wish for Jiro is for him to come back to showbizness and to continue his transformation.

Netizens are feeling the two and are praising the love Ai Ai delas Alas has for her “child”

Who knows? Maybe this is just the push that Jiro Manio needs to get back into the game!

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