Take a look at Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s new home

After getting married last month, in probably one of the most star-studded weddings this year, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia showed the world just how much they truly love each other! What did they do? Well, after more than a couple of weeks being officially husband and wife, it looks like they’re onto the next step to making their very own family by moving in together!

Is Billy going to live with Coleen or is it the other way around? Well, neither! That’s right! The Billy and Collen gave us a sneak peek of their new home that they worked for together!


Called the “Crawford Crib”, the aptly named home looks modern with the taste of simple elegance with its white walls and glass ceilings.


Just look at that high-rise ceiling!


How about that chic décor?


A house that’s definitely fit for the lovely couple. Coleen thanked the Heim Interiors who made sure that their home looks gorgeous! It looks like the team of Heim Interiors was really thankful for the opportunity so they even gave the newly wed couple a welcome care package!

Take a look for yourself!

WATCH: Coleen Garcia moves into new home with Billy Crawford

Posted by The Filipino Times on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Although there’s already a house, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are still yet to go on their honeymoon!


What’s keeping them?


Is it their schedules?


Perhaps they’re busy with the house?


Is it maybe because they’re already trying to get baby number 1 in the oven?


Apparently, they’re still just planning it!


Also, the schedule part is also true. After all, Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are busy Kapamilya stars.

Coleen said, “He still has some projects that he committed to so kailangan ayusin ‘yun. As for my schedule, naiayos na so siya lang ‘yung hinihintay ko.”

Of course, all of their family, friends, and fans are hoping for the best for Billy and Coleen. Who knows? Maybe baby number 1 is really on the way!


Source: ABS-CBN

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