This girl tried the Instagram Garden Brows and she kinda pulled it off

Have you ever heard about Garden Brows? Popularized by Taylor R — a Canadian social media influencer and beauty blogger — this new beauty trend is taking Instagram by storm.

If your brow game is already on fleek but you want to go the extra mile, this might just be the beauty trend that’s perfect for you.

Curious to see how they look? If you have an affinity for nature then you’ll absolutely love this as it looks fantastic when done right. Don’t believe me? Just take a look for yourself!

Just look at her! She looks like a woodland elf, ready to mesmerize men into the woods!


Loving every bit of it, one female netizen named Alex Cavallo set out to follow in the woodland footsteps of Taylor R to make her very own garden brows!

First, she got the tools and materials ready. Alex prepared some cosmetic wax, eyelash glue and remover, legit baby’s breath, and plenty of jewel stickers since she didn’t get the tiny butterflies that Taylor R had.

She started off by turning her brows into “grass.”

Alex’s brows aren’t as thick as Taylor’s, so, in her words, it ended up looking like “a lawn in sore need of an assist by some Scotts Turf Builder.”


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She then laid out the flowers onto her brows. Unfortunately, she ended up looking like “an extra from a low-rent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Did she pull it off?

Well, kinda.

Although it didn’t end up looking exactly like she’d hoped, Alex still took the time to appreciate her efforts.


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Afterwards, Alex went out to show the rest of New York her very own garden brows!


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Apparently, she got a lot of looks. Although she got a negative vibe from some onlookers, she’s confident that someone was interested enough to take a photo.

When she went to a bodega, a kitchen worker couldn’t help himself and took pictures of her. That’s not all! He asked if he could take a selfie with Alex and she happily obliged.

SOURCE: Little Things

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