Ramon Tulfo fires all cylinders against Ben over the P60-M ad deal controversy

Many people believe that the Tulfo brothers are a fiery but definitely perceptive bunch. If you read even a bit of news though, you probably know that they are in a lot of heat. That’s right! We’re talking about the PHP 60 million television ad deal that involves two of the siblings, Ben Tulfo and Ex-Tourism secretary, Wanda Teo. Looks like one of the siblings has had enough of it and now, Mon Tulfo is ready to tell his part of the story.

The columnist of Philippine Daily Inquirer’s “On Target”, the eldest Tulfo, Ramon “Mon” Tulfo, sided with Wanda on this one.

He said that Wanda’s fault was that she did not get intelligent people for her staff, taking a jab at the lawyer of his sister.

He said that Roberto Teo should’ve taken the initiative to resign from the board of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) when Wanda accepted the DOT portfolio back in 2016.

Topacio, the lawyer of Wanda also took a hit from Mon Tulfo.

“The guy is all talk. He doesn’t care about his client; he only cares about getting publicity from a controversy,” said the fiery host.


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He also discredited Topacio’s statement that the brothers agreed in a meeting that they’ll return the money. He said that none of the brothers were consulted and asked why would they give back the money if they never got it in the first place.

Mon Tulfo also went all out for Ben Tulfo with a lot of not so nice words.


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According to Mon Tulfo, Ben suffers from a “middle child” syndrome. Mon said that Ben shouldn’t have touched the contract in the first place because it would obviously raise suspicion. He then said that Wanda was actually clueless that Ben would get the “lion’s share” of the PHP 60 million contract.

The relentless host then told that Ben wouldn’t budge into admitting anything even if he pleaded. Throwing some expletives at his younger brother, Mon Tulfo said that Ben shouldn’t treat him like a child.


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No holds barred, Mon Tulfo even called Ben a renegade among the siblings, the black sheep of the family.

For the final touch, the self-proclaimed Tulfo patriarch said that he’s in full support with Wanda but not Ben.

Source: GMA NEWS

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