Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres playfully tease their daughter Juliana and her good friend Marco Gallo

Netizens have been wondering if Marco Gallo and Juliana Gomez are actually dating. We’ve seen the Instagram posts with cryptic captions that lead us to believe that something romantic is going on. While the two young stars are keeping mum about the issue, Juliana’s parents, Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres, seem to enjoy teasing their daughter.

Richard Gomez recently posted an Instagram video that showed him walking around the mall with his beautiful wife. While walking around the mall, the couple pretended to run into their daughter. But it turns out that it was only Juliana’s picture for Bench.


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Richard began to scold the picture as if it was actually his daughter, telling her to go home immediately. At that moment, both Richard and Lucy spotted the other advertisement beside their daughter’s picture and it featured Marco. Was it a coincidence? Well, we’ll leave that up to you.

Lucy greeted Marco’s picture and then the couple walked away from the store while laughing. This video showed no trace of negativity towards the young man. Does this reaction mean that as parents, they approve of Marco’s apparent presence in the life of their only daughter?

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The actor said that they were only friends but most netizens aren’t convinced. His Instagram posts in the past definitely hint at something more than just friendship because of the intimate touches. And Juliana wouldn’t have invited Marco to her prom if he wasn’t special to her.

Whatever their real status is, hats off to them for having such organic, undeniable chemistry. Is this the birth of a new love team?



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Source: ABS-CBN

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