Saab Magalona’s son, Pancho, to undergo an operation this Friday

It has been a tough few months for new mom Saab Magalona. Upon giving birth to twins, her baby girl sadly didn’t make it. She also had to stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) after the procedure. Saab revealed that she too, “almost didn’t make it.”



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While mourning her daughter, her son was still in critical condition and was staying in the Neonatal ICU.

A month after, Saab and her husband, Jim Bacarro were relieved after their baby son, Pancho, was released from the Neonatal ICU. Finally, they were able to hold him in their arms.





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And just last April, the couple was able bring Pancho home. His condition has greatly improved since then.

Now, Pancho needs to undergo a surgery to remove the silicone catheter placed under his scalp. In her Instagram post, Saab explained that the catheter was used to prevent liquid build-up in Pancho’s brain.




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“The reservoir was periodically tapped to relieve pressure on his brain caused by the buildup of excess fluids. So thankful for everyone’s prayers because he no longer needs the reservoir. God is good!”



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