Taho redemption and apology: Erwan Heussaff double takes on his taho fail

Remember Erwan Heussaff’s taho fiasco a couple of years ago? That’s right! We’re talking about the taho video that he did in collaboration with Tastemade that went viral for all the wrong reasons. If you remember correctly, the “taho” that Erwan Heussaff made had undercooked sago or tapioca balls, not so dark arnibal, and hard tofu. It’s either a poorly-made taho, or a very liberal take on the classic Filipino food. Of course, the video received a lot of backlash from netizens.

Some people called him incompetent, some people told him that what he did was simply not taho, while some people said that he’s not a cook if he can’t even make taho properly.

Just look at that mess!

Of course, some comments were lighter on the burn and steadier on the constructive criticism but it looks like it really stuck to Erwan Heussaff.

They really went to town on him.

Especially because of the sago.

So what really happened? Well, in this new video that was released by Erwan on youTube, the content creator spilled the soya beans on the subject!

First of all, he said that apparently, Tastemade didn’t give him enough time. As we all know, sago ain’t the fastest ingredient to prepare, and that showed in the video. While the arnibal part of the issue was more of a preference by Erwan, the use of the firm block of tofu instead of the silken tofu we all know and love was the channel’s fault.

He admits his mistake though.

“I [REDACTED] up guys, tao lang ako,” said the content creator.


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Wait a second though! This video is not just an apology from Erwan Heusaff. A man on a mission to clear his name in the eyes of Filipinos who grew up enjoying the breakfast staple, he went out to make taho properly.

Step by step, he prepped the ingredients properly.

First, probably the bane of his existence, the tapioca balls.

Second, the ingredient that required a lot of trial and error, the tofu part.

Lastly, the dark sweet caramel.

After putting them all together Erwan Heusaff pulled through with his promise and achieved taho perfection! Don’t just take his word for it though! Thankfully, his friend, Mon, tasted the treat and gave it his approval. Seems legit, he looked like he went back to a simpler time, an experience only real taho can give you.

Yes, we have the video right here for you:

Looks like the netizens are finally giving Erwan Heussaff’s taho their seal of approval!

This comment takes the cake though! Well, it takes the taho.

He’s just human, just like everyone else, so let’s learn to forgive and forget, one slurp of taho at a time.

Source: YouTube


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