Andre Paras thanks his stepmother Lyxen Paras for raising them to be good kids

Andre Paras and his younger brother Kobe went through a difficult and anger-filled childhood when their parents separated. The two brothers stayed with their father, basketball legend Benjie Paras and their stepmother Lyxen Diomampo. It wasn’t a secret that both of them, especially Kobe, has harbored ill feelings toward their mother Jackie Forster.

2013 was a turbulent time for the whole family as Jackie wanted to reunite with her sons but her pleas were left unheard. Back then, Andre and Kobe believed that their mother’s request was some sort of publicity stunt to focus media attention to her.

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But after five, long years, the storm has subsided and the family seems to be reconciling. Jackie released an Instagram post that showed her and her two sons smiling happily with each other. The former actress thanked everyone who prayed for this moment but she also asked if they could revel in this moment privately.

GMA was able to sit down with Kobe and Andre Paras about the whole situation. Kobe said that it took a while for them to reunite with their mother because forgiveness didn’t come so easily. But now that the time is right, they are just enjoying each second they get to be with one another.




However, there is one woman that Andre didn’t forget to thank. It was their stepmother Lyxen who welcomed them with open arms and treated them like her own kids. The actor said that if it wasn’t for their second mother, both him and Kobe could’ve grown up to be “problematic children.”

“If you guys see what we are right now, we could have been problematic people, we could have been doing things that are bad or negative pero we were raised by her and I’m proud of that.”




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