Irresponsible father wants a quickie before handing out money to help his own child

When a young mother named Dania was 16 years old, she fell in love and had a child with Noel who was 28 years her senior. This poor woman assumed that Noel would be a mature and reliable partner because of his age. However, their current situation only proved to her that this man was anything but a responsible father.

As their child grew up, Dania realized how hard it was to approach Noel for money. It wasn’t because the man was stingy. It is just because because he makes its a requirement for Dania to sleep with him before giving him money.

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The young mother complained that the irresponsible father always wanted to inappropriately “touch” her every time he gives her money. She said:

“Sa t’wing bibigyan niya ng pera yung anak ko, kailangan po muna galawin niya ako.”

Dania and Noel aren’t married. In fact, they are not together anymore.

During the interview, it also seemed as if Noel doesn’t really care about the child and is only using his money to sleep with Dania.

The young mother said:

“Pag ka po yung bata, sasabihin niya wala siyang pera. Pero pag ako po yung nanghingi, sasabihin niya, ‘Sige, punta ka, wag mong isama si [the child’s name].'”

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When Dania and Noel had the chance to talk, the poor woman cannot help but become emotional. She pleaded her former partner to stop the shameless requests and respect her as a person because at one point, they did love each other.

Raffy brought out his iron fist and scared the man into complying with the decent way of supplying child support.

Watch the full episode on the video below:

Pero si boy, quickie kapalit ng 2k na sustento ang gusto!!!

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