“It was unfair of me” – Maricar Reyes opens up about emotional cheating

Most famous personalities try their best to cover up their infidelities. However, Kapamilya actress Maricar Reyes bravely revealed her experience of being unfaithful. In her latest blog entry, the 36-year-old star explained why this practice is harmful to relationships. No surprise there.

Via Relationship Matters, Maricar Reyes addressed the issue most couple nowadays face: emotional cheating. Is it harmless? Can it lead to problems down the line?

To best explain the matter, Maricar shared her personal story with an ex-boyfriend.

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It all started when she met a man named ‘Steve,’ (identity withheld for privacy). Back then, Maricar Reyes was already having problems with her current boyfriend. Steve proved to be an emotional outlet since he was always available when she needed someone to talk to.

Soon enough, Maricar found herself slowly looking forward to spending time talking with Steve. This did not help her crumbling relationship at all, only providing temporary relief.

“Talking to Steve didn’t help my relationship at all. I looked forward to Steve’s messages more than my boyfriend’s. I was becoming emotionally tangled with Steve. Looking back, this wasn’t as harmless as I thought.”

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At the end of the day, cheating is still cheating, emotional or otherwise. In order to avoid this pitfall, Maricar Reyes advises guarding one’s emotions. If you feel you’re getting too attached to someone, then it might be time to keep your distance.

To ensure that it never happens again, Maricar Reyes keeps open lines of communication with her husband, Richard Poon. Both of them know that temptation lurks everywhere, but honesty will help lead the way to a harmonious relationship.

Aside from distancing themselves from temptation, the couple supports each other wholeheartedly. Obviously, their principles have helped them because this coming June, the couple will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary.

Stay strong, Maricar and Richard!

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SOURCES: PUSH | Relationship Matters


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