Mariel Rodriguez and Baby Isabella went to the grocery and it was adorable

Are you a fan of Mariel Rodriguez and Baby Isabella? If you are, then this story will make your day! As we all know, Mariel is quite the hands-on mom. Just check out her Instagram feed and you’ll see that she and Baby isabella are as close as two peas in a pod.

In their new video, the mother-daughter combo went to the grocery and it was the most adorable thing on God’s green! Mariel captioned it with:

“Grocery shopping with my baby mariaisabellapadilla.”

Yes, the cute Baby Isabella has her very own Instagram handle. That’s how cool this kid is!


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Of course, Mariel Rodriguez looked beautiful even with little to no makeup but that’s not the question.

The question is, how did baby Isabella behave during her trip to the grocery store?

Did she run? Did she go for the chocolates and the candies? Was she behaved?

She was very behaved!


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Just look at her, riding in the cart and just minding her own business. Because she was such a good girl, she even got to ride a car push cart!


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Look at that and tell me she ain’t cute!

In a funny picture, it looked like Baby Isabella loves her chicken. Maybe she wants to cook something for mommy and daddy?

They even got care packages from Chef Florabel and Palmer’s for Mother’s Day! Fun fact: Baby Isabella loves banana chips!

Watch the video below.

Baby Isabella is definitely a lucky girl with a loving mommy like Mariel Rodriguez. Of course, let’s not forget about the upcoming holiday and let’s appreciate all of our moms!

Source: YouTube

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