Moneylender and woman who owed her money had a major altercation

Money lending is a widespread practice here in the Philippines. Many people,  particularly small business owners and impoverished people, rely on moneylenders to get capital or just to get by. But needless to say, this business is very risky for both parties involved.

Nowadays, we have a multitude of ‘money-lending-gone-wrong‘ scenarios. Some wise moneylender takes their case to the court, while others simply sweep it under the rug. However, this woman refuses to be silenced after having a alntercation with a debtor.

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Yesterday on social media, many netizens were horrified when they saw this woman’s sickly state. According to her Facebook post, she tried to collect a debt from a woman who owed her money, but their encounter did not turn out well.

Apparently, the woman took offense when the money lender came to collect her debts. Instead of negotiating, the debtor decided to settle their argument by involving a bolo knife in the conversation.

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After to their altercation, the poor victim bore scratches and marks. On the brighter side, the other woman was not able to strike her with the bolo, or the results would have been catastrophic. Nevertheless, the victim claimed that she would have relented had the debtor asked nicely.

However, people on social media were not as forgiving as the victim. Some even encouraged the injured moneylender to file a case to teach her  debtor a lesson. This process has been made easier, thanks to the government’s 30-day response policy with debt-related cases.

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SOURCE: Facebook

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