Two friends rescue two turtles from drowning in Miami river

As an animal lover myself, I can’t fathom, much less understand, what goes on in the heads of people who are into animal cruelty. Specifically, what might be going on in heads of the people who chained these two turtles together to drown in the Miami River.

In a footage shared on social media, two men were spotted performing a ‘rescue operation’ to save the two turtles. The poor reptiles are waddling desperately in Miami River when Peter and Michael Oakes spotted them.

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In the video, Peter was still fuming as he expressed his disgust at the people responsible for doing this:

“Trying to save a turtle. I’m looking over here, he noticed it. F****** chained together. It’s just unbelievable, look at this. Someone put holes in them and f****** chained the turtle it’s crazy they’re trying to swim and are drowning.” 

Apparently, some depraved individuals thought it would be fun to drill holes in the shell of the turtles. As if that is not sick enough, they even chained the two turtles to one another! The poor animals were then set loose on the Miami River.

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Although the current in Miami River is not treacherous, the two turtles will surely be bygones if left on their own. Being chained together made it difficult for them to swim properly. Fortunately, the two friends were able to rescue them before it’s too late.

In the end, the friends managed to free the two turtles from their horrific state. Peter, who was still raging from the animal cruelty, gave out a warning to the people responsible for this sick act:

“They better stop it now before they risk going to jail or getting hurt when they get caught doing this to animals.”

To watch the entire rescue operation, check out this video below:

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SOURCES: Daily Mail | NTD TV | Youtube

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