Woman exposes her boyfriend who was insisting on terminating her pregnancy

A young mom-to-be took to Facebook to air her vexation towards her boyfriend who wanted to terminate her pregnancy.

After several years of being in a toxic relationship, Micah (name changed for confidentiality) has revealed the truth about her emotionally abusive boyfriend. In the lengthy post she wrote on the social media app, she said that her beau would always cheat on her with other women in the past.

Add to that, he never had the guts to stand by her during the times that his mother would start insulting her.

But being the kind girlfriend that she is, Micah still chose to keep her faith on her boyfriend.

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Recently, the two have just reconciled from a fight over his other affair. Everything has been running smoothly, until the woman found out that she is pregnant. According to Micah, it took her some time to gather her thoughts before she finally had the guts to tell her boyfriend.

Just as she thought that her guy has finally turned his back from his toxic habits, the boyfriend refused to accept the child as it would “ruin their future”. His solution? Terminating the pregnancy.

What’s crazier was the fact that the boyfriend, as stated in the post, is active in church.

Along with the Facebook status were photos of their conversation. We’re just going to leave it here for your own judgment.

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As if everything he has said wasn’t evil enough, the boyfriend also refused to return the money he borrowed from his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Micah’s story has created a dialogue among concerned Facebook users, who were all sympathetic to her experience.

Read the full text here:

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