Carol Banawa is set to graduate with latin honors in U.S. nursing course

If you’ve watched the movie “Tanging Yaman,” which is one of Philippine cinema’s greatest creations, then you would know who Carol Banawa is. This famous Filipino personality is not only a great actress but also a renowned singer. She has been one of the most recognizable voices behind many memorable soundtracks.

To some who might be wondering where Carol is now, the former celebrity resides in the U.S. with her family. She’s left showbiz to chose a different, quieter life but she still impressed everyone with a recent announcement.

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According to PUSH, Carol Banawa graduated from her nursing course as a Summa Cum Laude! This is great news because the former actress has been busy with this new path ever since she pursued a new life abroad.

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A netizen named David Cosico posted a picture containing the list of lucky graduates who will march with Latin honors. Lo and behold, the list also included Carol’s name. Furthermore, she posted a picture on Instagram indicating her momentous academic attainment. It was a bedazzle graduation cap her sister designed.

Congratulations, Carol! We’re very proud of your amazing and wonderful achievement!

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Source: PUSH


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