Celebrity moms who are celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time

Mother’s Day is a special time wherein we celebrate the amazing women in our lives. Our mothers helped create us into the people we are today and for that, we will forever be grateful. It turns out that there are six celebrity moms that will be experiencing this occasion for the very first time.

First-time parents have a tough road ahead of them but the exhaustion is cancelled by the extreme joy their child brings them. For these celebrity moms, they willingly gave up their careers for a bit to spend quality time with their family. Such great inspirations, indeed.

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Liz Uy


Celebrity stylist Liz Uy definitely shocked us all when it was revealed that she already had a baby. Despite some controversies revolving her son’s father, it can’t be denied that Baby Xavi captured everyone’s hearts. One netizen randomly greeted her “Happy Mother’s Day” and the stylist was pleasantly surprised seeing as that was her first ever greeting.


Isabelle Daza


Next up is actress Isabelle Daza who’s a very hands-on mama to her son with husband Adrian Semblat. In a recent Instagram photo that showed the couple lovingly gazing at their child. Isabelle shared how hard it was to acquire a passport photo for their baby.


Saab Magalona



The third celebrity mom on our list is Saab Magalona. This tough cookie experienced devastating heartbreak as she lost her baby daughter. But looking at the bright side, Saab and Jim are gearing up to become the best parents for their son Pancho.


Kaye Abad



We also have Kaye Abad who gave birth to her son Joaquin last December during the birthday of her husband Paul Jake Castillo. This wonder mama set aside her acting career to be a hands-on wife and mother to her two boys.


Nikki Gil



Actress-Singer Nikki Gil is also a doting mother to her son Finn ,who is extremely adorable by the way. We hope that when this little boy grows up, he’ll inherit his mother’s sweet voice. That will definitely win the girls over for sure!


Pauleen Luna-Sotto



And last but not the least, Pauleen Luna-Sotto and her Baby Bachuch! We’ve gotta say, her daughter Talitha is one of the roundest, most gigil-inducing babies we’ve ever seen. It’s very obvious that this ball of energy has been giving Pauleen a sense of purpose and love that she’s never felt before.


Happy Mother’s Day to all these beautiful celebrity moms!


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