Take a look at these Filipino Celebrities and their Korean look-alikes

Undeniably, Korean pop culture has taken the Philippines by storm. From their dramas, fashion and music, Filipinos can’t help but go gaga over Korean idols.

Did you know that there are Filipino celebrities who look so much like your favorite Korean idols? Check them out below!

1. SNSD’s Hyoheon and Nadine Lustre

Their fashion style, bone structure, and fierce gaze are so similar they can pass as twins!

2. TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Angel Locsin

Talk about lookalikes! These two looks like sisters!

3. BLACKPINK’S Jennie and AC Bonifacio

These two share similar nose shapes and full pouty lips!

4. TWICE’S Tzuyu and Loisa Andalio

From this angle, no one can deny that Tzuyu and Loisa look very much alike! They could be long-lost sisters!

5. Momoland’s Nancy and Liza Soberano

Both of these young women have many men head over heels. Just a smile from these two will surely stop you in your tracks!

6. Blackpink’s Rose and Kisses Delavin

Ex-PBB housemate Kisses and Korean idol Rose share the same innocent round eyes and adorably round cheeks.

7. Tao and Daniel Padilla

These two can perfectly play the role of bad boys who steal the heart of every girl.

8. TWICE’S Dahyun and Sharlene San Pedro

These two cuties’ smiles can surely light up any room.

9. TWICE’S Chaeyong and Yassi Pressman

Not only do these two sizzle with their ferocity, they can also heat up the dance floor as well!

10. Hyuna and Yeng Constantino

Both pf these women look so youthful and radiant with their innocent-looking eyes. Both of them can sing, too!

11. Blackpink’s Lisa and Sue Ramirez

With their full bangs on fleek, Lisa and Sue just look so similar! Their facial features also bear a striking resemblance to one another.

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12. Big Bang’s Taeyang and Kris Lawrence

How sure are we that these two aren’t real-life brothers? Possessing a similar style and facial features, no one can contest that these two are the ultimate lookalikes. They can secretly exchange lives and none of us will notice!

13. Momoland’s Daisy and Shaina Magdayaw

Daisy and Shaina’s eyes are so alluring, it’s like they’re staring into your soul!


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