#BidaAngTipid: These guys brought a big pot of rice to Jollibee!

Ask any Filipino about the food franchise that defines who we are, chances are, they’re going to say Jollibee. Ah yes, the meaty jollispaghetti, the sweet peach mango pies, the delicious and affordable burger steak, Jollibee has it all. Yep, something from that list is missing and that’s the Jollibee Chickenjoy. The flagship item of the big adorable bee franchise, the crunchy and juicy chicken, is just as iconic as their mascot.

Of course, let’s not forget about the real hero here, RICE. Whether you’re a 1-pc or 2-pc guy, whether you like it original or spicy, rice and his best friend, extra rice is what brings them all together.

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Hang on to your seat because this story will make you appreciate rice even more!

A netizen posted pictures of a group who had a little get together in Jollibee. With almost 20 hungry guys, there’s bound to be rice, a lot of it. So, apart from the rice that they ordered, these guys brought a big pot of rice themselves!

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The netizen who posted it was amazed at the feat of the “tribu”. No one asked them what they were celebrating but it looks like the Jollibee tagline is true, “bida ang saya.”

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Hang on a sec, it’s not just a big pot of rice! They even brought their very own bottles of soft drinks!

Here’s the full post:

Well, we’re not that sure if Jollibee gave them permission on this or if they asked them for corkage if Jollibee has that. One thing’s for sure though, for these guys, “bida ang tipid.”

Source: Kicker Daily

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