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Hardworking husband pays tribute to his wife on Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is celebrated by people all over the world – to rejoice and paid tribute to the ultimate hero of their lives: their mothers and wives. Among them is this hardworking husband, who decided to acknowledge his wife by setting an example to everyone else out there.

As the iconic ‘ilaw ng tahanan,’ women are expected to be in charge of all the household chores. This includes maintaining the house, cooking the meals, and taking care of the children. Meanwhile, men are responsible for working from dawn ’til dusk to sustain their family’s needs.

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However, this hardworking husband decided to reverse the roles. Instead of letting his wife do all the work, he walked in her shoes and became a full-time ‘mom’!


Based on his Facebook post, he works as a home-based vlogger while taking care of their children. Meanwhile, his wife took on his shoes and became the provider of their family. This means the husband was left alone with his three kids all day.

Everyday, his chores include cleaning, cooking, and feeding the children. It sounds exhausting, but it actually helped him to build a closer relationship with his young daughters. At the same time, the husband also gets to teach them a few lessons about chores.

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It’s tiring, indeed, but he gets his reward at the end of the day. The meals are already prepared and the kids are cared for when his wife gets home. What more can you ask for in a partner? No wonder why many people in social media take their hats off to this hardworking husband!

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SOURCE: Definitely Filipino

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