Jennica Uytingco breaks silence about her pregnancy gains

It’s natural for a pregnant woman to gain more than a couple of pounds. After all, it’s to prepare their future children with all the essential nutrients they’ll need. Jennica Uytingco, an advocate of attachment and natural parenting knows this all too well. Apart from her experience with her firstborn, Athena Mori, she’s about to welcome her new child into the world!

Jennica Uytingco gained a lot! How much? Well, she didn’t give a clear number but she said that she’s already 10 kg overweight. In her Instagram feed, she posted a picture of her with a long caption to let mothers all around know that pregnancy gains are totally normal.


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For starters, she said that baby mamas should not be sad about their “new and improved” size. Additionally, Jennica said that it’s not that much of a bother because producing milk for your baby is the answer!

According to her, it’s not just something that gives the minerals and nutrients babies need, it’s also a sure-fire calorie burner for moms! Basically, when you become a mom, just let those little suckers to the work for you! After all, you worked for them for 9 months so it’s just tit for tat.

That’s not all though! Apart from all that, Jennica Uytingco said that a mother’s milk can also help a kid heal from cough, runny nose, and even colds! Apparently, her 3-year-old daughter had a problem with mucus and it only took her 2 days to heal her up with her milk!

She also said, “Hindi tayo habang buhay ganito kalaki. Lalabas rin ang ating dinadalang biyaya ng Panginoon. God bless you kapwa ko buntis. YOU GOT THIS! [winking emoji]”


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Here’s the full post:

Plenty of netizen moms and moms-to-be gave her post their seal of approval.
Let’s not forget that every mother faces this every time when they’re pregnant. From 9 months in the belly and more once we get out, moms are always there to give us all their love.

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