Judy Ann Santos can’t believe that Ely Buendia performed at her party

Judy Ann Santos was met with a wonderful surprise as she celebrated the big 4-0. Her husband Ryan Agoncillo arranged a big surprise party for his wife. It was held at the Bank Bar. He invited all of her closest family and friends. Including big names like Sarah Geronimo and Angelica Panganiban. However, there’s one particular celebrity that shocked the veteran actress to tears of joy!

Ryan knows that his wife has the biggest crush on Ely Buendia, and he managed to pull some strings and get the “Eraserheads” vocalist to the party. Judy Ann Santos was in disbelief when she saw Ely come out from the stage curtains and began singing for her.

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What was supposed to be a one-song performance became a mini concert for Judy Ann and her guests. Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) scored a video, which you can see below, showing the hilarious and relatable reaction of the actress upon witnessing Ely Buendia perform.


He sang iconic, nostalgic hits like “Pare Ko,” “Magasin,” and “Ang Huling El Bimbo” which had everyone singing along and swaying to the music. Don’t worry Juday, we’d be the same hot mess if we ever met our celebrity crush.




They shared that Ely had something to do with the Agoncillos’ love story. When Ryan became Judy Ann’s leading man in “Krystala,” he was the photographer for Pupil’s first album. Since he knew that Ryan lived alone and that he had a photo shoot with the band, the actress quickly dropped by to hand him some food. And you know exactly what had happened next.

We hope you had a blast celebrating 40 incredible years, Judy Ann. The best is yet to come for you and your family.





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Source: ABS-CBN

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