Kind fast food crew goes viral on Facebook after feeding disabled man

Most of the time, people are always too busy to stop and help others in need. However, for this kind fast food crew, his busy workload did not stop him from helping an old man. Instead of ignoring the man, the worker went out of his way to lend a helping hand.

Earlier this week, news about the kind fast food crew spread like wildfire on social media. Thanks to one netizen, we were able to see the brighter side of humanity these days. Based on the netizen’s viral Facebook post, the crew is working in a fast food somewhere in Silang, Cavite.

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One fateful day, while the fast-food chain is bustling with customers, one man entered, looking disoriented. According to the netizen who saw the middle-aged man, he looked sickly and is most likely disabled.

Even before the disabled man sat down, a male fast food crew immediately approached him. It seems like the two have been acquainted because the crew greeted the man like an old friend. Aside from taking his heavy bags, the crew also made sure that the man had a seat.


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By this time, many customers are starting to notice the old man. The customers’ interest was piqued when the crew arrived with the food and proceeded to feed the man! Even though he was in the middle of his shift, he gladly went out of his way to help this single customer.

Throughout the meal, the kind fast food worker made sure that the man was able to eat properly. Talking about customer satisfaction! It’s no wonder why many people are taking their hats off to this crew because it’s not every day that we encounter altruistic people like him. Check out their comments below:

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SOURCE: Facebook
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-10 [ account: Eugene Cagasan]


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