Cats out of the bag! Loisa Andalio gave her side on the Julia v Loisa fans situation

Have you been following the Loisa Andalio vs Julia Barretto Twitter spat? Well, technically, their fans are the ones who are right at each other’s throats but of course, it’s definitely not a fun thing for the young talents.

If you don’t know anything about it yet, it all started when Julia retweeted a blogger who said, “Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia.” Because of this tweet, the fans of Julia Barretto went toe to toe with the fans of Loisa in a virtual catfight.

Here’s the tweet that started it all:

When asked about the spat, Loisa Andalio said that she’s personally against what both sides are doing.

She said that they should just share good vibes and take it easy with the tweets because it could have an effect on others.


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According to the actress, she is actually friends with Julia Barretto. Because of this, she told her fans to not get affected because there’s no issue to begin with.

That’s not all, the two of them already texted each other and Julia explained to her that she was not the target of her tweets. On her side though, Loisa said that it’s ok because she didn’t think that it’s like that in the first place.


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Watch the interview right here:

Looks like it’s all clear though! In the side of Joshua Garcia’s current leading lady and rumored girlfriend, she was also not happy with what happened.

Julia posted a follow up on Twitter telling people to stop making two people who are okay, fight.

She also said that she’s already 21-years-old and not 12-years-old so the drama is definitely unnecessary.

She then tweeted, “Stop pitting women against each other. It’s not cute.”

It’s ok to support your favorite stars, there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, let’s not forget that even if they are public people, we should learn to give them respect and privacy from time to time.

Source: ABS-CBN

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