Rockphone: This netizen bought a smartphone from the internet and they sent him rock!

Have you ever bought anything from the internet – a food package, some clothes, shoes, a smartphone or other electronics? As we all know, the internet is a big market, not just for information but for literally everything and anything. There are people selling stuff on Facebook and Instagram but there are also sites dedicated to just shopping like Lazada, Metrodeal, and Olx.

Of course, getting your item is a different situation.It’s not like a physical store where you can just get in, pick up what you need, and then pay for it. No, on the internet, it’s either you get it from a meetup with the seller or you have it shipped.

This story shows one of the negative aspects of online buying. A netizen shared the story of his brother that would make you think before you click that buy button. His brother ordered a lot from Lazada during its Birthday Festival promo. He bought a digital level tool, a flat screen television, and even a smartphone! If you didn’t know, then Lazada gives their items one at a time, which can get tedious.

The first item that was delivered to his brother was the smartphone, an Asus Zenphone. So, he went to the nearest LBC outlet in his hometown, paid for it, and claimed it.


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Here’s the thing though, when he picked up the package, there was something off about it! It was too heavy for a smartphone. So, he immediately went back to the counter and told the staff about it.

They opened the box and you know what they found?

A huge rock in place of the cellphone he ordered and paid for.


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Here’s the full post:

LBC told them to file a blotter at the police station, and so they did.

Luckily for them, Lazada handled the situation like a pro by fully refunding him for the smartphone.

A lot of netizens argued about what happened to the deal. Was it Lazada’s fault? Was it the courier’s fault? Was it someone in the middle? Maybe it’s the “trusted store”?

Hopefully, this story can be a lesson to every netizen to be careful about what they buy on the internet. You never know, your hard earned money might turn into a rock.

Source: Definitely Filipino

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