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Can you believe this is actually a throwback photo of Angel Locsin?

If someday, you became a public figure, would you want your awkward, pre-puberty, fifth grade photos publicized for everyone to see? We’re betting you wouldn’t! Well, Angel Locsin might be having the same feels right now with this throwback photo of hers that’s been making rounds on social media recently.

The rest of us, however, feel like she hasn’t really got anything to be ashamed about. See, even from this photo, we can see that the beauty Angel Locsin already stood out. Way back 1996 and when she was in fifth grade, she already has the smile we have all grown to love now that she’s a grown woman.

This is why it’s not difficult to spot Angel Locsin from this throwback photo, even if it’s actually a class picture. For those who have trouble with impaired vision, however, let us be of a little assistance: Angel’s right there on the third row — the fifth girl from the left.

She may be young in the photo, but the camera already loved this Kapamilya actress. Her eyes, facial features, smile, and even her hair looked exceptionally beautiful!

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It’s no surprise that the charming girl from this throwback photo ended up being one of the most successful actresses of her generation. In short, all we have to say is: more power to you Angel!

Here are some of the netizens reaction:

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SOURCE: Manila Flash

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