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Here’s why Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis is a certified “Dyosa”

Anne Curtis is undeniably a true definition of the term “dyosa”. The 33-year-old actress and host continues to amaze her fans with her stunning photos online. Browsing through her Instagram account, there’s no wonder she gained 8.9 million followers. Anne does not only possess a gorgeous face, she also has a good heart that is willing to help her fellow man.

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In case you didn’t know, Anne was a part of the recently concluded London Marathon to gain donations for the programs of UNICEF Philippines. 

Her months of rigid training and hard work was not only for the sake of having a fit body.

Anne shared this status her fans one day before the marathon. She wrote on Instagram:

“Super nervous but running for the Filipino Youth will keep me inspired each kilometer! “

Her million followers on various social media platforms consider her as their ultimate inspiration.

Moreover, her overflowing happiness in everything she does radiates and gives motivation to other women who look up to her.

Her fans laud her for being friendly and humble both in front and back of the camera.

Many madlang people attested that she is very interactive with her fans. She always makes time to retweets and replies to her 10.4 million followers on Twitter!

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She is also a business-minded person who wants to inspire other women and wives to think of the future.

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Anne Curtis also makes sure that she gets to spend quality time with her loved ones. She considers her husband Erwan Heussaff as her number one cheerleader, videographer, photographer and support line.


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