Cop shows kindness to an abandoned toddler, goes viral online

Some policemen may have a tattered reputation nowadays but this police officer from Georgia proved that there are still lots of cops who are faithful to their duty. Based on the report of the online media outlet Newsner, Police Officer James Hurst and his fellow policemen were assigned to the neighborhood of Cuyler-Brownsville in Savannah, Georgia. They were on patrol after receiving a series of reports from concern citizens about an abandoned toddler spotted walking alone on the streets.

When they saw the 16-month-old little boy they immediately brought him to the Georgia Department of Family & Children’s Services for a check-up. As expected, the boy was unhappy and suffering from extreme anxiety. Saddened by the child’s condition, the good police officer decided to stay on his side.


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He was quoted saying:

“The boy, obviously, being so small, became very upset. He was crying. He was sobbing. I asked the hospital staff if I can hold him to comfort him and soothe him a little bit to try to calm him down, to continue getting medical care, and they said that was fine. So I picked him up. Minutes later, I was standing and he was asleep on my chest, and with all my body armor and my gun belt, became very heavy holding this small child. So that’s when I decided to sit down on the bed and make it easier for him and me.”

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Officer Hurst tried to calm the distressed young boy by holding him in his arms. After a few minutes, the once abandoned toddler immediately fell into a deep slumber on his chest.

This candid snap of him holding the baby went viral on social media. As expected, many lauded him for being a kind and caring police officer.

Read some of the comments from netizens:


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With the overflowing praise and admiration that he is now gaining online, this is what Officer Hurst has to say:

“It’s what we do, every single day; not just me, but the 600 officers that are on this department. This job is so much more than just chasing the bad guys. It is about serving the citizens of the communities you work in and doing what they need you to do.”


Presently, the abandoned toddler is now in good shape and is still recovering in the hospital.


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