Get to know Junjun, the guy dubbed as the “Smallest Man” of Sorsogon

Do you enjoy watching the television news magazine show “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho”? Then here’s something you should look forward to their episode tonight – Junjun, dubbed as the “Smallest Man” of Matnog, Sorsogon.

Based on the post of the show on their official Facebook page, Junjun is already 27 years old but his height remains stagnant at 25.5 inches. He also thinks just like an ordinary toddler.

Nevertheless, despite having such condition, his loving mother still considers him as a blessing and the source of her happiness. Indeed there is no greater love than a mother’s love.

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This is not the first time that a case of dwarfism became a viral topic online.  In 2011, 0-year-old Jason Ansad from Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte became the talk of the town because of his height. He measured at only 20 inches tall.

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In a previous interview by ABS-CBN with endocrinologist Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus Jr. The doctor explained that Ansad’s condition could be a serious type of dwarfism.

“Lahat ng hormones na responsible for growth ay mababa ang levels. Hindi sila makaka-develop ng secondary sexual characteristics.”

The doctor clarified that having such condition has nothing to do with the environment or any superstitious beliefs. Dwarfism is caused by genetic or hereditary factors.

He also advised the parents to immediately set their children for a consultation with a doctor as this condition could cause serious health complications in the future.

According to Dr. Nicodemus patients who are 18 years old and below can undergo hormone injections which costs around PHP 2,000 per session.

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Presently, our very own Junrey Balawing holds the Guinness World Record title as the “World’s Shortest Man Alive. The small but terrible man from Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte is only 23.59 inches tall.

Don’t miss Junjun’s and his mother’s inspiring stories by watching Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. For now, read some of the comments of the netizens.



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