Netizens are in tears over a mother who gave her paraplegic daughter a back ride on her graduation day

Mothers are perhaps the most selfless people on earth. This time, we’re talking about a noble mom who had everyone on the Internet in tears. This was because of graduation gift to her daughter. It wasn’t tangible. But it was unmistakable proof of a parent’s love. During the graduation rites this mom gave her paraplegic daughter a back ride to the stage. This allowed 21-year-old Jaylen to receive her diploma.

But it wasn’t only for this particular event. Days leading to this huge moment, the mother served as her paraplegic daughter’s legs. Every day she was her daughter’s ride to school despite the obvious difficulty.








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There isn’t much info about the mother and daughter. Their story was enough to take social media by storm. As of writing, the post has clocked in over 65,000 reactions, almost 9,000 shares, and 1,000 comments from sympathetic netizens.

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One commenter, even offered to pay for a wheelchair.


Kudos and Happy Mother’s Day to all the selfless moms like Jaylen’s! You all deserve the world!

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