Watch as Piolo Pascual adorably pranks a female fan!

Do you have a life-long crush to Piolo Pascual? Odds are… YES!

No matter what age you are, as long as you prefer men, Papa P is definitely on your list of “All-time celebrity male crushes.” This man ages like fine wine! Whether he’s busy posing for billboards and making us all swoon, or playing as the cold leading man, he always looks drop-dead gorgeous. But who knew that he could be even look hotter when he’s pranking someone?

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Recently, Piolo’s video went viral after he hilariously collared a woman with an elastic band. The woman was supposed to be taking a photo with the actor, but as she turned to face the camera, an evil grin spread across Piolo’s face.

After wrapping the elastic around the woman’s neck, he then pulled her towards him. Piolo Pascual couldn’t help but laugh at his own crazy antics.

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The woman whose name is Angge posted the video on her Instagram account with the caption, “Langya ka Papapi!!!!! ginawa mo akong aso! may araw ka din, tandaan mo yan! di kita tatantanan! excited pa naman ako magpa picture, kasi same color ng damit namin… nyahaha!

We are extremely envious of her!

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Watch the video here!

SOURCE: showbizread



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