Commuter on his way home ends up at the hospital after being hit by a rock

“You can never be too careful.” This was the takeaway of a commuter in a rock throwing accident he experienced yesterday, May 13. Coming from an event in Bulacan, he was on his way back to Manila aboard a provincial bus. The ride was going smoothly throughout, until they passed by Road 2-Minuyan area whe man was hit by a large stone in the head. According to his lengthy Facebook post, the impact was so strong that he instantly blacked out.

Good thing that he thought about closing the window prior to the rock throwing. (Or else, he would’ve gotten it worse.) However, instead of helping him, his fellow riders immediately went off the bus out of fear. The bus driver and the conductor, too, were more concerned on determining who the suspect is instead of bringing him to the clinic first.

After 20 minutes of waiting for another bus, he was rushed to the nearest hospital only a few miles away.

He also confirmed that his entire hospital bill were paid by the bus company.

As further stated in the post, there was apparently a silver lining to his accident.

“I’ve got tons of small wounds dahil sa bubog and tahi sa ulo dahil sa bato. I am kinda happy na rin kasi sabi nila na nasa hilera ko pala was isang mommy with her little baby. So, kung wala raw nakaupo don eh for sure ay tatamaan daw siya or yung baby niya. So magaan sa loob ko na ako nalang.”

Ending his piece, the netizen reminded everyone, especially San Joseños, to always take care.

Meanwhile, take a look at what his fellow Facebook users had to say.

Read the commuter’s full text here.


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