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After assisting an elderly couple, this kind policeman instantly became a social media star

The image of the local police has been smeared by a few crooks. But there remains thousands of other honest and committed men. And to honor the best of Philippine National Police (PNP), netizens created Facebook page PNP Good Deeds.

In one of their recent posts was a police’s small act of kindness towards an elderly couple. Taken at the NLEX Megastation City of San Fernando in Pampanga, the story began with an old woman asking for help. Seeing that there was an attending policeman nearby, she didn’t think twice about reaching out to him.

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Apparently, the woman was asking for assistance for his husband, who was having a hard time walking. The kind officer then didn’t think twice about helping them, even though it wasn’t clearly a part of his job.

At one point, he even went down on his knee to re-tie the lolo’s shoelace.

Shortly after the story was published on Facebook, the officer — later identified as PO1 Jerald Lagazon — instantly became a social media star.

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As of writing, the post has garnered over 2,700 reactions, 800 shares and nearly 400 comments. In the comments section, netizens commended Lagazon for his kindness towards the elderly couple.

In conclusion, this story is a great reminder for anyone to be a helping hand whenever needed. That is, whether you’re a person of high position or not. With small acts of kindness like Lagazon’s, we all can help make this world a better place to live in.

Meanwhile, you can read the full text here.

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