On hiatus actor John Lloyd posts photo with co-actor Miles Ocampo

John Lloyd Cruz may still be on his brief hiatus from the limelight but he sure hasn’t forgotten about reconnecting with his fellow co-stars in the biz, let alone his family in the sitcom “Home Sweetie Home.” 

Recently, the actor posted on his Instagram account a photo of himself with Home Sweetie Home co-star Miles Ocampo. This is an unusual thing for the actor to do since he only posts what seems to be a peek at his everyday activities.

Is there something to decipher here? Is John Lloyd giving us a hint that his hiatus has already ended and that he may be planning to come back to showbiz?

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Since the actor’s indefinite leave from the industry, his sitcom together with Toni Gonzaga, has been experiencing confusion to where its story may lead.

Every cast member has always been hopeful for the possibility that the actor may return to “Home Sweetie Home” but as months went by, the assurance that the story will get right back on track has become slimmer.

On their latest episode, Julie [portrayed by Toni Gonzaga] was planning to get her marriage with Romeo [portrayed by John Lloyd] annulled.

After finding out that Romeo is abroad cheating with his co-worker, she then receives messages from her husband asking her to decide what she wanted to do with their relationship.

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According to rumors, John Lloyd had to take a hiatus because he will be having a baby with his real-life partner Ellen Adarna. Some have said that she had already given birth but there is still no reliable source to prove if the news is true.

Watch the video below:

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