Feng Shui expert explains why 2018 is not a good year for Sarah and Ellen

Both Sarah Geronimo and Ellen Adarna had a very busy summer so far. And according to Feng Shui expert, Marites Allen, the following months of 2018 will be the same for the two celebrities.

Both being born in 1988, Sarah and Ellen’s birth date falls on the year of the dragon. According to Marites, dragon sign-born individuals will have a tough time in this year of the Dog.

This could explain Sarah’s infamous breakdown and Ellen’s “papping” issue.

“This is not their fault. It is just because of the energy of the year,” she explained

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She also said that both of them should rest from time to time.

“It is very important for them to be really joyful, to take a break, take it easy because the energy of the dog could really bother the dragon-born person.”

She also said that these two needs “special care” this year. (Matteo and Lloydie, you guys know what to do.)

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Marites also shared that these celebrities shouldn’t worry about the year of the dog ruining their respective careers.

“They are so young they have a long way to go. They have a very huge fan base and the fans will always love them.”

Well, we all just hope that these two wouldn’t make it to the headlines any time again soon.

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Watch Marites Allen’s interview below!



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