Vicki Belo goes to ‘candy land’ for Mother’s Day

Before she became an acclaimed dermatologist, Vicki Belo was first a mother.

Two of her children, Cristalle and Scarlett Snow, made sure to honor this yesterday in time for Mother’s Day. With the help of her husband, Hayden Kho, the family gave the best gift any mom could ever ask for.

As a surprise for Vicki, the three rented The Dessert Museum for themselves for the day.

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Looking at their Instagram photos, it was evident on each of their faces how the bunch enjoyed their quality time. One of our favorite highlights was the doctor getting sentimental in the Marshmallow Room. Apparently, the three penned and left their messages for her in some of the marshmallows.

Vicki also tried the Scare Box Challenge, which is one of the museum’s popular features. Afterwards, she and Hayden dared each other in a cotton candy eating contest.

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Meanwhile, here are some more photos from their R&R in the candy land.

Watch as the Belo fam have the best time of their lives during yesterday’s Mother’s Day.

Happy mother’s day, Vicki Belo!

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