Celine Pialago, MMDA spokeswoman, captivates viewers with her beauty, firearm skill, and wit

What we’re about to show you is a series of photos of a beautiful woman, whom most of you may have already seen on TV. She is none other than Ms. Celine Pialago, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) spokeswoman.

According to a previous report by Kicker Daily, Celine has a remarkable scholastic feat under her belt. She obtained her Mass Communications degree, with a Broadcasting major, from Miriam College. She furthered her studies by taking up a masters in Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University.

After finishing her graduate studies, she worked as a reporter for the news outlet PTV4.

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It’s not surprising for Celine Pialago to enter the world of pageantry, what with her undeniable beauty. She participated in Miss Philippines Earth and Pinay Beauty Queen Academy.

However, you should take careful note that her beauty isn’t all there is to her. Celine may be revered as the belle amongst the brutes, but she is actually a bit of a savage herself.

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Take heed, boys. This woman can kick anyone’s butt.


The same report revealed that Celine Pialago often encounters rude motorists while out in the field, but she does not back down. Moreover, she is skilled with firearms, enough of a warning to know that she isn’t someone to be toyed with.

SOURCES: Philippines Trends
PHOTO SOURCES: 1-11 PT | 12-15 Instagram

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