Ice Seguerra is now ready to undergo gender re-assignment surgery

After four years of identifying as a transgender man, Ice Seguerra is now seriously considering undergoing gender re-assignment surgery.

In a episode of “Tonight with Boy Abunda“, Ice revealed that he is ready to kiss his female body goodbye. This came after the singer-songwriter revealed that he does not feel comfortable in his own skin.

“It’s so hard to wake up everyday seeing that you are in this body and alam mo na hindi naman ito dapat iyon,”

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Not too long ago, he also changed his name from Aiza to Ice because the former brings back so many memories of him as a girl. He also asked his fans and friends to refrain from addressing him as a she or any female identifiers such as “ate” and “tita.”

Admittedly, Ice Seguerra didn’t find the need to transition back then. But after living with the difficulty of accepting his physical appearance for years, he finally decided it’s time to do something about it.

Right now, he is going through hormone replacement therapy.

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The only thing the “Pagdating ng Panahon” singer is worried about is his voice changing. However, he is hopeful that the quality of his singing wouldn’t be affected as much.

“Siguro naman iyong ganda ng boses ay hindi mag-iiba. It’s just that bababa lang siya ng kaunti.”

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Evidently, some of his fans were disappointed about Ice’s change of heart. Read some of their comments below.

Watch the video below:


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