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Meet Micolle Catayas, the gay student behind the viral graduation picture on Twitter

Those who frequently hang out on Twitter are familiar with the trend “If you don’t love me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.” It involves netizens uploading two different pictures of themselves – when they were at their “worst” and “best.” Micolle Catayas sent her entry on social media and it immediately went viral.

Micolle Catayas’ amazing transformation was what made her entry so different. The picture labeled as the student’s “worst” showed the graduate as a young boy. He sported thick black glasses, short hair, and unkempt eyebrows.

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Of course, everyone noticed the drastic change in his appearance. ABS-CBN reported how Micolle found the picture while cleaning and was hit the memories of when he used to pretend that he was a straight man. But now, the college graduate has the freedom to live the life he always wanted.

“We need to learn how to love ourselves and accept ourselves before others can love and accept us.”

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What helped Micolle through this tough transition was the love of his family. Their acceptance definitely made it easier for her to become who hewas and hed the fake exterior.

“I pretended that I had ‘girl’ crushes to make them see that I was straight but deep inside I would jokingly think that I was prettier than them. I always said that I would never cross-dress because I thought it was disgusting back then but now the tables have turned. It felt really good to come out and since college didn’t have any hair restrictions, I decided to grow it out.”





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EDITOR’S NOTE: Although the source article identifies Micolle Catayas as gay and uses masculine pronouns her Facebook account uses feminine pronouns. The pronouns used in this article are in congruence with the ABS-CBN article and are not meant to offend anyone intentionally. If Micolle Catayas wants us to change the information in this article we are open to edit the information to be as accurate as possible.


Source: ABS-CBN
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