VIRAL: Two women gets into an altercation after one was allegedly irritated by the other’s body odor

Social media is full of candid videos of people getting into weird confrontations. There seems to be a huge demand in seeing people get into ridiculous situations. May it be a public fight, a scandal, or even a simple exchange of words, social media enables us to see them all. In this video posted by a certain Hikaru Hiro on Facebook, we get to see two women in front of a vehicle quarreling over something. We get into the video in the middle of the action, right before we see them pull each other’s hair.

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One could almost hear someone yelling “World Star!”

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According to Hiro, their quarrel started when one of the women told the other that she has body odor. We see no evidence of this in the actual video though. Obviously smell-o-vision has not been invented yet, However, if it did exist, we probably wouldn’t want to smell what one of the two women was complaining about. Either way, something was foul in the air that day.





Well, regardless of the truth behind the incident, we can say that arguing and fighting in public is definitely not a good sight. It’s immature and a clear lack of discipline and respect from both parties involved. This is especially true when the issue being fought over was so minor and trivial.



Some of the commuters in the vehicle even told the two women to stop before they hurt other people.

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Check out what netizens thought about this ridiculous clip.


You might want to watch the actual video:

biglang nag away yung dalawa sa front seatamoy putok daw kase si ate ehdi na daw nakatiis katabi nya langyaaraw araw na nga ko maliligo baka sa susunod ako naman yung awayin hahahahaha jk

Posted by Hikaru Hiro on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


SOURCE: Facebook
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