This social experiment will tell you everything you need to know about unwanted attention on the streets

Despite others passing it off as normal, unwanted attention on the streets is and will never be okay. Ask any woman you know, and chances are, they’ve already experienced being catcalled, flashed, or touched without consent in public. And if you can’t take our word for it, this social experiment recently conducted by Kami will show for the haunting reality of unwanted attention. Titled Is Manila safe at night for women?“, the three-minute clip and its powerful message had every netizen rightfully shaken to their core.

Major spoiler alert: It is not.

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For the experiment, Kami hired a woman who would stand on the sidewalks alone, as if she’s waiting for someone. Almost instantly, a guy walked up to her to casually invite her to go to a bar with him.

Next, a car stopped right in front of her spot, with the driver mistaking her for a call girl. Despite having said no, the man was insisting for her to come with him.

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Another guy walked up to her to repeatedly ask her to come with him. Downright creepy.

Lastly, and most intensely, a driver whom she has already turned down actually went out of his car to force her to come with him. The woman even had to threaten to call the police just so he would leave her alone.

Watch the social experiment for yourself here. We’ll let you be the judge.

Is Manila safe at night for women?

Social Experiment. A decently dressed girl is standing alone at night, waiting for someone. Turns out this situation is very dangerous! One of the passers-by not only verbally harassed our actress, but after some time also removed his pants right in front of the girl. We did not manage to capture this moment, but the conclusion we have is really disturbing: Harassment is a serious issue in Manila.

Posted by on Thursday, May 24, 2018

As of press time, the video has since garnered over 1.5 million views, 46,000 reactions, and 14,000 comments from angered netizens. Here, read what they had to say below.

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