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Netizen shares their heavenly encounter during a jeepney ride

Did you ever have the fantasy of meeting “the one” during a random commute? Or wish to experience an electrifying eye-to-eye with an attractive person in the same public transportation? Well, a netizen named Miho Schneider was lucky enough to experience this inside a jeepney she rode.

The whole story of the heavenly encounter wasn’t shared but what truly caught our attention was the handsome man Miho met. She posted a short video clip of this gorgeous hunk on Facebook and netizens went crazy with jealousy!

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Miho was grateful for this fleeting moment because it definitely made her feel like she was in heaven. The caption she added on the video read:

“Thank you 06B! Pinaramdam mo ang langit sa akin. Haha”

Everyone agreed that the passenger sitting in front of Miho was an Adonis-like specimen. He was tall, judging from how his head almost reached the roof of the jeepney. Apart from being good-looking, the stranger is also a mestizo who looks like he’s definitely working out in the gym often.

Just take a look at those blushing cheeks and kissable lips! This man could easily pass as a model or a small-time actor!

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Netizens were completely blown away by how this man looks. Others teased that passengers might forget to go down at their respective stops but that’s just a chance we’re willing to take! However, some questioned Miho’s actions. They pointed out that the netizen was a bit obvious with the camera and asked why there seems to be a double standard when it comes to commemorating moments like this. 


Watch the viral Facebook video below:

Thank you 06B! Pinaramdam mo ang langit sa akin. Haha#TikTok

Posted by Miho Schneider on Monday, June 25, 2018

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