Two incredible men built a swimming pool with their own hands

swimming pool is something many of us always wanted in our home. Having this could be an indication that you are rich and living in a luxurious house with a wealthy lifestyle. Some of us dream of having this to throw a cool party or just simply for relaxation.

Building a swimming pool approximately takes up to 6 to 10 weeks. It can cost hundreds of thousands to millions depending on the design and how big you want it to be.

When we are still living in the early age, humans tend to use the limited available resources to make things they need such as food and fire. Now that we are living in a more improved and civilized world we don’t think about using the free sources around us, thus, we make a living in a cultivated way.

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But these two men in a viral video proved that it’s not too late to go back to the primitive days and be creative. They were filmed making a swimming pool in their backyard with their own hands.

Using native materials, they started digging a very deep and large hole in the ground. After that, they covered the insides with cement. It got dark when they finished doing it.

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The day after that, they continued their project by designing the cemented pool by putting color to it. Surprisingly, these two men were dedicated to only using natural resources that’s why they didn’t use any paint and instead crushed some leaves and flowers and spread it all throughout the pool.

To top it all up, they put a bamboo shoot in the pool connecting to the flowing water nearby. They also use bamboos to make a ladder from the ground to the center of the pool.

And that was it! That’s all it took for these two brilliant minds to have a pool on their own. Now they can have the coolest party and enjoy their leisure time relaxing in the swimming pool they build.

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Watch their journey on building it here:

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