Young actress Bianca Umali denies undergoing plastic surgery to achieve her looks: “It’s all natural.”

‘Kambal Karibal’ young actress Bianca Umali turned 18 earlier this month, and yet the rumors about her going under the knife are getting ridiculously old.

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photo by instagram
photo by instagram

Bianca Umali recently went on a beach trip to Sorsogon for her sibling’s wedding. She then posted a photograph on Instagram where she is seen sporting a sexy black bikini. Of course, her bashers and critics saw this as an opportunity to comment with unsolicited remarks on the young actress’s looks.

photo by instagram

Some said her nose is too big and too perfect to be natural. Some even said her 22-inch waistline must have been the result of liposuction.

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Through it all, Bianca Umali remains firm in her statement that she achieved her bombshell body through exercise and discipline. She reaffirms that no part of her body or face has ever received cosmetic surgery:

photo by instagram

“Hindi ko alam kung paano nila nasasabi yun, but I am confident and I am proud na it’s all natural.

“Everything I have, siguro yung sinasabi nilang magandang katawan ko, pinaghirapan ko yun, inaalagaan ko yun.”

photo by instagram

She confirms that if there are other people to thank for how she looks, it wouldn’t be plastic surgeons – it would be her trainer and fitness buddies.

“I have a trainer. Aside from that, of course, discipline sa workout and sa food na ini-intake ko.
“Madalas ko pong makasama sa gym ang mga fitness buddies ko na sina Miguel Tanfelix, Rodjun Cruz, at Marco Alcaraz.”

photo by instagram

“Kapag wala sila kapag nagwo-workout ako mag-isa minsan, ang lungkot.
“Kapag kasama ko sila, kapag kasabay ko yung coach ko, which is si Coach Dan, iba yung drive.
“Mas marami akong nagagawa. Mas naeengganyo akong mag-workout.”

photo by instagram

Bianca Umali also cleared it up with those who speculated she would soon be going the sexy-star route, now that she’s of legal age:

photo by instagram

“There are comments na parang, ‘Uy, porke’t nag-18 na, post na agad ng ganyan, nagpapakita na siya ng katawan.’

photo by instagram

“Hindi naman po ganun iyon.

“Ang nangyari po kasi, nagkataon lang na I turned 18 and then we were at the beach, ‘tapos nagandahan po ako sa photo kong iyon, kaya ipinost ko sa Instagram.

photo by instagram

“Para po sa akin, it’s just a regular photo na ipo-post ko sa Instagram.

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“I never thought na bibigyan nila ng ibang interpretation ang photo kong yun.”

photo by instagram

What can you say about Bianca Umali’s bikini photo? Do you believe she never underwent cosmetic surgery despite how almost-perfect she seems? Are you looking forward to Bianca possibly taking mature roles in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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