Masalimuot na Pag-aaway ng Mag-ina Dahil sa “Pagbukod”, Nauwi Din sa Happy Ending!

Ideally, when a couple decided to settle down and have a family of their own, they should embrace the sense of “leaving and cleaving” each of their families to start their own.

However, in the Philippines, having an extended family wherein one of the heads of the family is still living with his/her parents is already part of our culture and has been widely accepted regardless of one’s status in life.

Despite having a family of their own, some families decided to still live with their parents due to close family ties or sometimes, due to poverty. Anyone who has experienced living with an extended family could attest to the fact that it is not an easy set-up, especially for those new couples who have no choice but to live with their in-laws. Due to different upbringing, behavior, and culture, an argument could not be avoided between in-laws living under the same roof.

But everything has its own limit and it is not forever that a family should be living under one roof with their parents.

Just like the dilemma of this mother-and-daughter who faced each other at the program of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to fix their living issues.


55-years-old Denia Hamor-Necio initially seeks the help of Tulfo to talk to her mother Salome Hamor since the latter wants to kick them out of her house already.

But the 82-year-old Salome explained that she just wants Denia’s family to leave for a while as she plans to renovate the house’s second floor. She also insisted that it is about time for Denia’s husband to be responsible enough and settle on their own.

But Denia argues that they could not relocate a home at the moment since her husband’s income is not enough to rent a new home for their family.

When the program called Ben – Denia’s husband, he insisted that the house should be given to Denia already since her two siblings were given a separate property.

But instead of resolving their initial “leaving and cleaving” issue, other underlying issues were brought up.

Lola Salome gave Denia a one-week ultimatum to choose between her and her husband. After a week, Tulfo’s team visited the mother-and-daughter who are now in good terms after Denia decided to choose to live with her mother and kick out her live-in partner.

”Siya ang pinili ko, kasi magulang ko siya, kahit anong mangyari magulang pa din ang pipiliin,” Denia said.

“Siyempre matanda na din yung nanay ko, hindi ko pwedeng iwanan… naintindihan naman niya kaya nga nag-paraya nalang siya, umalis na lang siya,” she added.





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