Tinaguriang “Reyna ng Gold Digger” Nagpasaklolo kay Raffy Tulfo Dahil sa Banta Sa Kaniyang Buhay ng Koreanong BF na Nahuthutan ng Aabot sa P3-Milyon!

Ladies, let’s admit it, at one point in our lives we also dream of having an ultra-rich boyfriend who can shower us with all the luxuries in life and let us live like a queen in our own castle. Someone who could buy us all the latest gadgets, someone who can give us jaw-dropping homes that could fit a village, and someone who can give us a monthly allowance without nothing but love in return.

But sometimes, in search of a prince charming, some women ended up with a sugar daddy who could be almost half their age yet still continue the relationship in exchange for money. Just like this girl who is now being labeled as the “queen of all gold diggers”.

Lealyn Carbonel seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her Korean boyfriend who is recently issuing threats to her after Lealyn decided to break up with him.

Lealyn narrated that she met the 49-year-olf Alex Kim two years ago at a Christmas party in Ilagan, Isabel where she was hired to be a waitress. But during the event, she became an entertainer and tasked to dance with the foreigner guests.

After a week, she saw Mr. Kim again in a mall and invited her to buy shoes, after which, Mr. Kim gave her P2,000 for her allowance and even gave his cell phone number and offered Lealyn to call him anytime he needs anything.

During that time, Lealyn has a boyfriend who tolerates and even coaches her to have a relationship with Mr. Kim so they could extort money from him.

Since then Mr. Kim consistently gave Lealyn weekly allowances worth P20,000, showered her with the latest gadgets and even gave money for the renovation of their house and the appliances she will need to decently live in it. Lealyn estimated that Mr. Kim gave her an estimated P3-million worth of cash and material things.

During their 2-year relationship, Lealyn repeatedly attempted to break up with Mr. Kim but the latter would often give threats about ending her and her family’s life if she does so. Now she is decided to end their relationship and ask for Tulfo’s help as she already fears for her life.

When Tulfo contacted Mr. Kim, he revealed that he was not aware that all these years, Lealyn is simultaneously having a relationship with her and another man. He also named some of the things he gave to Lealyn but never demanded to give it back.

In the end, Mr. Kim apologized for the threats and decided to just let Lealyn move on with her life. He even wished her good luck and success so she could help her poor parents.




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